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We Care believes in delivering smart, intelligent home technology solutions. Our team directly deals with the customer after thoroughly understanding their key requirements. With a committed project manager to guide you on each step, we can give assurance that all your needs of home automation in Dubai will be effectively met.

Explore the smart choices available to you

We Care delivers solutions of home automation in UAE engineered specifically for commercial premises. Our team utilizes the latest technology to deliver cost effective, mess-free installation in any type of home.

Elements of our package

We Care offers almost everything that is required for upgrading the home from normal to “smart.” Most property owners are unaware about the latest options. After embracing home automation solutions, you can save valuable money and energy. Simultaneously, you can add more convenience in your lifestyle. Surely, your guests, relatives and friends will become envious of your new feature packed intelligent home.

Let us learn more about benefits of switching to home automation systems -

❏ Reduction in power bills is an advantage of switching to automation solutions. It becomes easy to manage homes that automatically reduces energy bills. You can easily control home appliances regardless of your location. Your smartphone and tablet will act as the remote control. The commands can be given just with a single touch, swipe and even through voice.

❏ The protection of the house can be strengthened by installing such systems. Doors can be automatically locked and unlocked through commands. We Care understands your security requirement. The notifications can be received through text messages. Boost the security of your home with live streaming. Discuss with our technical team to learn more about affordable automation works in UAE.

❏ Home management becomes easier. The devices can be operated remotely. Automation brings flexibility. Life truly becomes very convenient after installing an intelligent lighting system.

Look no further than us if you are searching for affordable automation works in UAE:

Embrace smart home systems

High tech homes are no longer part of science fiction stories, they have turned into reality. Don’t worry, post installation, we will take care of repair and maintenance. It will be our job. So far, we have successfully accomplished numerous projects of home automation in Dubai. Life becomes very relaxing after the smartphone and tablet becomes the remote control. Everything from surveillance cameras, lighting, domestic ecosystem, ventilation, audio- video systems, home appliances, curtains to door locks can be controlled. Gone are those days when we had to struggle with multitude of switches and consoles. For all types of home automation in UAE, you can consult us. Feel free to contact us and give more autonomy to your home.